Mini Memories


Now you can hear your mini memories!


every mini memory candle now comes with its own playlist to enhance your experience, just scan the code underneath the lid on your phone to be taken to a carefully curated mixed tape for that candle. then light your mini memory and lose yourself in nostalgia.

all of our candles are proudly handmade in sydney!


"I was about 5 or 6 years old, and whenever my dad came home (I remember he smelled like coffee and gasoline since he works in a factory) and I would end up wearing one of his flannel shirts and saying Daddy I've become you!' I was always saying that to my dad, and smelling that candle you gave me, well it reminded me of that time.It smelled like I was in my dad's closet, and taking one of his flannel shirts honest. It almost smelled like I was that little girl wanting to love on my dad after he came home from that hot factory"



- Jennifer W