Back in 2012 I headed off on a pilgrimage to London on an old fashioned working holiday visa. What was meant to be a two year stint turned into 5 years.

The bittersweet reality of travelling or starting a new life abroad is that feeling inside that when you move on, you're leaving a little part of your heart behind forever. The Portuguese have a word for this called saudade. It’s not easily translatable in the English language but in its simplest form it’s a sense of longing whether that be for a person, a place, a moment or even a feeling.

A few years ago while visiting Sydney from London for Christmas I was given a gift of a small soap from a relative that smelt like the beach in Australia. I took it back to the UK and kept it tucked away in my wardrobe and would take it out and sniff it whenever I felt homesick. This is where the idea for Scents of Saudade originated, as I became fascinated with the idea of being able to 'smell home' no matter where in the world I was and the comfort that would bring.


Scent is one of our most powerful memory triggers, it has a way of taking you back to a moment in time or even transporting you to a place that you've never been before. I want to create candles that instantly connect you to one of your most precious gifts, your memory.

Each and every candle tells a story and is made with love using Australian sourced materials. Our candles are micro batch and carefully created with two hands, individually poured and made from premium natural soy wax.


Our signature range of candles also contain lead and zinc free cotton wicks that are more environmentally friendly and burn cleaner.


We truly hope our scents help evoke your own sense of saudade.

Thank you for shopping small and supporting an Australian handmade business.

Warmest Regards,

Lucinda x