Well this post has been quite a few months in the making! We returned from our epic trip months ago.

After many months of careful savings, bookings and expectations. With Rob’s successful surgery we were finally on our way armed with a pensioners supply of drugs and other paraphernalia carefully chosen in an attempt to minimize the risk of rob travelling so far against doctors orders and to help deal with the impending jetlag. All the planning in the world didn’t stop me from struggling to sleep on board the flights or even for the first few tumultuous days in Australia when we were still trying to find our feet.

Driving home the streets still looked much the same as I remember, in stark contrast to London the houses are all different colours shapes and sizes. Another huge difference is the amount of bushland in this city and the huge amount of wildlife. I had gotten so used waking up to the sounds of cars or hearing foxes in the night that I had forgotten about the huge flocks of cockatoo’s flying freely their loud calls permeating still mornings and late afternoons. The ibis birds who used to be out of place but now stroll happily down the street. The vocal stylings of kookaburras and the beauty of rainbow lorrikeets. These are commonplace sights even around the city and were apart of my childhood, hearing and seeing them made me feel truly at home. And then came the bugs, I forgot about the bugs. To me seeing small bugs flying around the living room and appearing in drawers was nothing unusual. Swatting flies from my face while walking down the street was just a reflex. To Rob these things were very unusual and uncomfortable and much to his dismay wherever he went he seemed to have a pose of flies attached to him.

The first week or so was hard, jetlag was affecting our sleep and emotions were running high. I found myself waking up in the middle of the night and found myself crying feeling like I was in limbo between London and Sydney. It felt the same but somehow different. Like I had never left yet had been away for ages. My beloved cats treated me as a stranger yet my mum had kept every single little thing I owned inside drawers and a wardrobe, opening it was like opening a time capsule. A freeze frame of a very different time in my life.

In an attempt to sell Roberto on Australia I went into overdrive planning all sorts of things and building a huge itinerary but I needn’t have worried. As despite my struggles and the long journey, he said he felt at home in Australia as soon as we arrived. And as you can see from the footage Australia basically sells itself. In fact I made things more stressful than they needed to be and was filled with turmoil as I felt pulled in all different directions trying to please him, my friends and family all at once all while trying to make the most of my time in Australia. If there’s anything I regret about the trip it would be that.

Things did settle as time wore on and I started to accept that no matter how hard i tried things weren’t always going to go according to plan. It was amazing catching up with everyone that I did while I was there. Finally meeting little Cove and witnessing my sister get married reminds me of how quickly time passes. Exploring the  beautiful Whitsundays for the first time reminded me of just how beautiful this country is and how much of it I have yet to see.

And although I would’ve liked more time with certain people I’m grateful for the moments we did have. I now have something I didn’t have before returning to Australia and that’s peace of mind. I know that we will eventually move back and I am at peace with however long that process will take. I know that Australia will always be my first home and that it is always going to be there waiting. I am also lucky to know that I have so many true friends back home who despite the distance and time will always be there upon my return one day.

This is footage that we took during touchdown and on our seaplane flight over Sydney. It was a picture perfect day and made me feel proud to call it home.

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