Back to where it all began

If you’re reading this I’m either on the way to the airport or somewhere over the Indian ocean, or if you’re a smart arse like Roberto reading over my shoulder then I’m still at the computer typing this.

Writing this I can’t believe it’s been three years since I last took this journey across the ocean. When I first started this blog I thought I would be writing about my two years in London and how I returned to my homeland wiser, more experienced and hopefully more self aware. Well I’ve done most of those things, I’ve travelled and met some really amazing people, worked in Television (not full time but hey it counts) all while learning to be resourceful and survive in the big bad city known as London. There’s been so many good times and also lot’s of bad times, but the beauty of life is (and I hope Sam will agree with me) that it has a way of making you forget the hardships and just embrace the good times when you look back.

I now have two homes – finding a home in another country can be bittersweet because your heart will always be torn between two places. I hate London at times but I know that there’s things that I ultimately would miss about the place too. I have yearned for this trip for so long, my body is breaking down as if it cannot cope with the weight of London for much longer. I need this break (so does Roberto) I need to reconnect with people and also to gain a fresh perspective of this sometimes suffocating city. I hope that this trip will bring clarity and renewed energy for the next stage of my life. My heart has a lot of questions and part of me feels like returning home (even just for a month) will bring some quiet to my mind. In any case the ‘journey’ can’t be confined to two years – the journey is lifelong with many wrong turns, happy endings and intermissions. It doesn’t end when I click publish on this post.

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of the amazing people who have been apart of this journey so far. Whether we’ve crossed paths over in London or on my travels, or even if you’ve just been reading my blog which has been a great source of comfort to me in the dark days. I believe every single person that’s entered my life during this time has been there for a reason whether it’s been for a few days, months or years. They’ve taught me many things, encouraged me, entertained and helped me along the way. I hope in some way I have done the same for them.

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