Broke in the city

I always imagined falling in love would be much like falling asleep – something you can only fight for so long and once it’s enveloped you your eyes are closed. But my love affair with London has been the opposite – it’s been more of an awakening. And I fear that for the last month or so I have been somewhat asleep. This realization has only become evident with my roommates recent announcement that she has made the decision to return to Australia in order to continue with university. Now her days are numbered she’s seeing London again for what it was when we first arrived from the perspective of a tourist rather than a hardened resident. Food tastes better, colors are brighter, people are friendlier. She’s been ticking all the things off the list she’s wanted to do for ages. It’s made me realize that I need to wake up and look around me and really explore this wonderous city more. Stop making excuses like being tired and broke because let’s face it those things  aren’t going to go away anytime soon unfortunately.  This city has a multitude of free activities if you know where to look. I realize that I spend an awful lot of time travelling to and from work (an hour and a half each there and back each day) and on the trip I see the same sights. I sit on the same bus in the same spot each day, I always do my makeup on the bus ride screwing up my liquid eyeliner each time the bus comes to a stop. And find myself sitting at work trolling the same old sites. Basically I have become comfortable (not financially) but in my surroundings. In my routine, I get up go to work, come home look for jobs or watch television and feel bad about not looking for said jobs then – sleep – rinse and repeat. I am lacking new stimuli which is crazy as London is huge with so much to see but I only see a very small portion on my morning commute.

It wont be easy breaking these new habits but I’m going to try my best to see more of London on my days off and stop making excuses. I have a monthly bus pass that gets me onto buses all over the city and with a bit of research I am sure I will be able to find lot’s of free stuff to do as I am worried my credit card may just burst into flames at any point. My first foray into the world of free stuff was my recent visit to the London hair academy which offers free haircuts/discounted treatments to the public in return for putting you in the hands of an eager student. Luckily for me my particular appointment  was with a fully qualified hairdresser who was basically getting a ‘refresher course’ and her tutor while a lovely gay also happened to be a bit of a control freak so ended up cutting about 95 per cent of my hair. He also insisted my hair needed a wash much to my embarrassment as I had washed it that morning so I got a wash and blow dry for free out of the deal too. On the downside it took about 2 and a half hours to finish as he was going through absolutely everything with her, and I have a mammoth head of hair that hadn’t seen scissors for 9 months so there was a whole wigs worth of hair on the floor by the time we were done. But it felt so good. All that hair represented all the stress I had been carrying around since arriving here and cutting it off was liberating and made me feel like I was regaining control over my life here. Plus my camera in my phone works now which is great. So all pics are taken by me!

Finally met up with Georgia again about a week ago and I took her and Roxanne on the London eye with my free passes. We had never been on the eye and just the touristy act of doing something like that helps remind you where we are. We had Macca’s afterwards in an awesome spot as you are right on the water with the perfect view of Big Ben. The sun comes out most days here now – but is still a bit menopausal at times. My housemates and I have been enjoying our amazing rooftop during this weather – Roxanne and I sun-baked up there one day and a few of them even slept up there last night. The views are great from up there, I just love seeing all the rooftops of the houses in the neighborhood from that vantage point.

Have been to two more parties since my last blog, another barbecues at Sally’s where her overgrown stinging nettles stung me over and over again as I kept forgetting about them and kept walking into them in the dark! We danced and sung at the top of our lungs in her kitchen and Dash and I were having a D and M with her guinea pig in the lounge room before it moved suddenly and scared the living daylights out of us. Then we decided to take advantage of the fact that Sally had her laptop lying around and basically completely loaded it up with gratuitous gay porn as a surprise for when she opened up explorer next. Just google ‘meat spin’ to see what we put on there it’s quite funny but a bit in your face!

In other developments I believe I may just have an interview at a radio station in Manchester for a radio Copywriting position. Reason being I stumbled upon the job ad in my frenzied job hunting and thought ‘What the heck – may as well apply’ so I did and the next morning I received an email back saying that they thought my application was the most interesting they had received and would be happy to consider me for the position. This would be great as I have been considering making the move to Manchester of late as it is the second largest city for production in the UK and is much cheaper to live than London. I also hear that a lot of people in London working in production weren’t willing to relocate to Manchester after they moved part of the BBC there so there may be  jobs going possibly. So if I end up getting a job interview with the station i plan to stay for a day or two and drop off my CV at as many TV stations as possible to make the most of the trip up there.

Haven’t even picked up a pen to write lately (with the exception of this latest blog post) I have ideas floating around in my head for the next script but have been prioritizing looking for work. I don’t hate my job at Merlin but I am looking for casual work at the London attractions closer to me. I was invited to an assessment day for SEALIFE but wont be able to go as I will be working which is a shame but I can’t really afford to take the time off.

The spots/ scars are slowly fading from the chicken pox, and I have been really focusing on trying to eat better to try to get back to better health and it’s been pretty good so far. I am getting to the crack head stage of food in my cupboard again as it’s only a week away from payday but I’m hanging in there. We have another two socials coming up for work. A karaoke night after we get paid and an Alton Towers ghost hunt which I am really looking forward to having watched the Most Haunted series in OZ they actually visited the towers so the place is actually haunted. Our tour is conducted with a medium and we will be in the towers overnight before returning to our hotel in the early hours  of the morning to sleep briefly before going to the theme park the next day so should be really interesting. Watch this space…

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