Well it feels like I’ve aged about 10 years but it’s finally here. It’s a real business. Today is the official birthday of Scents of Saudade. It’s been almost a two year long labour from conception to delivery. And I can finally shout it from the rooftops. Yippee! And as I’m typing this I am already putting together an order for a paying customer which is unbelievable in itself. The house has been turned upside down, half burned candles sit precariously on every available high surface (away from Elijah who is getting cheekier by the day) Fragrances fill each of our rooms and circulate through the air conditioner. Elijah will either grow up loving or hating fragrance! And it feels like the sleep deprivation has finally been worth it. Every morning I wake up and think about candles and every night before I go to sleep it’s also the last thought inside my head. I used to joke about wanting to know everything about something and I think I’m getting there with candle making.

For my launch I have just 4 candles, I really struggled not to release more but on the advice of other more savvy business women I perfected just a handful to release and then I am going to grow from there. I have so many exciting ideas and candles in the making but for now we have my two signature layered candles: Melbourne and Sydney, and two mini memories, Grandpa’s wardrobe and Xmas on Bondi Beach.

Sydney starts with the scent of Australian Bush & Wattle which heralds the start of warmer months – followed by coconut slathered skin roasting in the sun, and finishing with the scent of the ocean. Melbourne starts with fresh brewed coffee and the buttery bakery delights of Iced Lemon Biscotti and the comforting scent of Leather bound books. It’s the smell of cafe’s and laughter and love. Our mini memories sing of Aussie Christmases gone by and summer holidays sitting by the pool with white wine (Like the famous Tim Minchin song) Grandpa’s wardrobe will stir a certain nostalgia within you that will make you smile. It’s a creamy masculine scent, laced with earthy tobacco that will transport you to another more simple time.

Please feel free to check out the website and remember you don’t have to show support by spending money, likes and shares and even word of mouth is just as valuable and much appreciated. And on that note there are thousands of handmade businesses in Australia so next time you’re shopping for a unique gift, think about purchasing from a local maker. Not only will you be supporting an Aussie small business, you will be getting something made with love and the joy of knowing someone is doing a happy dance when your order comes in.

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