Life lessons learnt from London

So my rash is now spreading like Nutella on a hot summers day. And apart from a recent surge in interviews and assessment centre’s for production roles I’ve basically been holed up in my room keeping away from the glaring eyes of the public, scratching to my hearts content all while obsessively googling my symptoms. I have managed an appointment with my doctor – but until next week I will have to disguise my mystery disease and be content with my seclusion. Besides learning an awful lot about skin rashes London has taught me many life lessons. Some of which I would like to share with you. This is by no means an exhaustive list just a culmination of things London (and life) have taught me along the way.The list grows longer with each passing month.

1. A really good way to annoy a Londoner is to walk really fast along with the crowd before stopping suddenly for no apparent reason.

2. Standing on the left hand side of the escalator on the underground is basically like putting a sign on your head that says ‘I’m a tourist’ or ‘I’m an arsehole’

3. You don’t really know yourself until you’re in a place where no one knows you. Here you can really be anyone you want to be, so much so that it makes you wonder who you want to be and more importantly who you choose to be – because you have a choice pretty much everyday.

4. I’ve walked down to the supermarket in my dressing gown, been barefoot on the underground (don’t ask) Worn all manner of fancy dress but no one cares here – they really don’t. They’ve just about seen it all  and they wont even batt an eyelid. That’s a freeing feeling at times, the lack of judgement. This doesn’t happen everywhere in the world.