Life lessons learnt from London

So my rash is now spreading like Nutella on a hot summers day. And apart from a recent surge in interviews and assessment centre’s for production roles I’ve basically been holed up in my room keeping away from the glaring eyes of the public, scratching to my hearts content all while obsessively googling my symptoms. I have managed an appointment with my doctor – but until next week I will have to disguise my mystery disease and be content with my seclusion. Besides learning an awful lot about skin rashes London has taught me many life lessons. Some of which I would like to share with you. This is by no means an exhaustive list just a culmination of things London (and life) have taught me along the way.The list grows longer with each passing month.

1. A really good way to annoy a Londoner is to walk really fast along with the crowd before stopping suddenly for no apparent reason.

2. Standing on the left hand side of the escalator on the underground is basically like putting a sign on your head that says ‘I’m a tourist’ or ‘I’m an arsehole’

3. You don’t really know yourself until you’re in a place where no one knows you. Here you can really be anyone you want to be, so much so that it makes you wonder who you want to be and more importantly who you choose to be – because you have a choice pretty much everyday.

4. I’ve walked down to the supermarket in my dressing gown, been barefoot on the underground (don’t ask) Worn all manner of fancy dress but no one cares here – they really don’t. They’ve just about seen it all  and they wont even batt an eyelid. That’s a freeing feeling at times, the lack of judgement. This doesn’t happen everywhere in the world.

5. Things will always get better.

6. Things will always get worse.

7. You’re doing pretty well for yourself when Pret is a regular lunchtime choice.

8. If a Boots meal deal is a regular choice it means you’re probably watching your money a bit.

9. When you find yourself searching the bottom of your handbag for spare change in order to purchase a 45p roll from Sainsbury’s then you’re pretty screwed.

10. Likewise if you start counting those pennies you once laughed at while lunching at Pret.

11. You are responsible for your own happiness – a scary yet empowering concept. You could be sitting on a beach in Barbados but still feel empty inside.

12. When you have money in your account London is the place to be. The social and cultural epicentre of the world where everyone’s having the best time and the possibilities are endless. The streets seem wider, the people happier and everything’s just wonderful.

13. When you’re broke London is a seething cesspool of grey skies filled with lonely and miserable people ramming into each other in the midst of a never ending rat race.

14. You’ll never truly appreciate what’s in your own backyard until you see what is beyond it. I believe travel is so important to not only appreciate the beauty of the world around you but also learning the real undying definition of home and what it means to you. I never knew true homesickness until I moved here.

15. Things do happen for a reason – such a cliche and in my deep dark moments I will curse myself for saying this. But time always reminds me that it’s true.

16. Trust your intuition – it gets better as you get older.

17. Never let anyone tell you, you can’t do something. I’m reminded of a CEO of an advertising agency that once looked at me with beady eyes through his glasses and told me at the tender age of 17 that I couldn’t write without even seeing a single word I’d ever written. Meanwhile I’ve never heard of his agency since.

18. No matter where you travel cheese and bread is always a cheap and yummy option.

19. Stop comparing yourself to others. Its even harder in a world controlled by social media, filters and a constant barrage of status updates. It’s not your reality, it’s not even their reality. That’s why I try to remain honest in this blog about my experiences here because there’s a lot of lies on the internet.

20. It is better to regret what you did do than what you didn’t. Like eating too much cheese – life’s too short to regret things like that.

and finally

21. Keep calm and carry on

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