My Hood 2.0 I heart Penge

After almost a year of living in a basement we finally moved into a new place a few months ago. The day of the move couldn’t have come sooner as we hauled all of our stuff into the yard in anticipation of the moving truck. I was truly shocked at the sheer amount we had accumulated on our lawn. From such a tiny apartment, between the four of us we had bags upon bags of things. It became a joke every time something was pulled outside into the daylight from some seemingly unknown crevice of our old place. Chairs, a table, tennis rackets, old phone chargers. Luckily the sun was shining on this particular morning as we had almost covered our entire lawn with suitcases, bags and other paraphernalia.

Before we knew it we were en route in the rickety old truck to Penge, great name right? I was sat next to the moving guy who had, had an operation on his face which Roberto had told me not to stare at, so instead I awkwardly avoided all eye contact with.

Penge is only two stations away from Norwood junction and is in the borough of Bromley. Our apartment is just a mere 5 minute walk to Penge west station where a cute coffee van parks itself each morning to satiate commuters with probably the best coffee I’ve had in London. A few paces from that is a trendy gastro pub which boasts a huge beer garden and attached theatre in which it regularly houses plays and comedy nights. To the left of the pub is the hugely gorgeous Crystal Palace park which Sam and I wandered into a long time ago while on a walking adventure from Tooting one day.

We also have all the big shops like Sainsburys, LIDL and 99p store, as well as polish delicatessen’s, greasy spoon cafe’s, Chinese takeaway, fish and chips and the ever present curry houses. Added extras like the huge Homebase and only being a short bus ride from a cinema make this a really convenient quiet little place. I have a yard too – the neighborhood kids decided to gather round and talk to me while I was weeding what was going to be my veggie patch when we first moved. It was not long after that, that I got the hideous rash. Which fingers crossed has gone now, and I can only blame the garden for as after seeing two different doctors never really got a diagnosis.

It seems to be that time of year where I lose things again – I lost my phone, my work pass (luckily that was found) and now my old email address doesn’t work anymore. So there’s been quite a few changes. I’m working full time at The London Eye over the summer to save for our impending trip (hence no blogs lately)

We are pretty settled in now I think. It’s nice to have a place that feels like a home again and also not hearing people take a crap in the toilet is nice. Ahhh the little things…

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