Summer in the city

Summertime in Sydney equals long hot sleepless nights, the wurring of a worn out fan in a dark lounge room. The smell of aloe vera as it soothes sunburnt skin. Summer in London – What’s that? Is it the sun?…Yes, yes it is. Drop everything – go to a park somewhere, anywhere. Cider..yeah cider…I  feel like a cider. What’s everyone else doing? – gee I hope what I’m doing is making the most of the sun…Let’s go to the pub – in the beer garden yeah beer and sun, and a barbecue…inspired.

The sun is an enigma, a shining beacon of hope with drug like effects on the population of Britain, we crave it and bask in all it’s glory when it chooses to deign us with its presence. The rain was like natures way of cleaning the dirty streets of London in preparation for the sun. Once you add a dash of sun the streets gleam and sparkle like new. The grass is green and lush and the roses are still in full bloom from Spring which completes the picture. The days are long and parks all over London fill with people and their dogs and everything feels fresh. You can smell barbeques and hear the laughter of friends old and new. My onesie has been firmly packed away and although I’ve only just shaved my legs I’m not yet ready to wear shorts – it’s still more like spring at the moment. The urban foxes are out in full force, I call them urban foxes because they’re not like the ones in the country, they are well fed and will stare you down if you approach them in the street. The learner drivers can also be found on any given day bunny hopping down our street. The Crowborough cats (As I have playfully nicknamed them) are out too. For some reason Crowborough road right by our house seems to be the residence of all the friendly cats. For some reason every cat that you meet on that road is really affectionate and friendly to the point where they will follow you down the street. I wonder whether the residents are just really good to their cats on that street or whether that street is where all the friendly cats in London meet. In fact we were having a barbecue one evening before Roxanne left and this cat just strolls in like it owns the place and pretty much took over. Between us we realised that it was the same cat that has made itself known to us on Crowborough Road weeks before.

Since then he’s gotten cheeky and sneaks in when people come home. I was making honeycomb in the kitchen one night for Glen’s birthday present and the next thing I knew Leo (his name on the tag) is there mewing at me for food and watching my every move. Carolyn put him out and 5 minutes later he’s back in again meowing at us.

I’ve been working overtime over the last month to make up for my sickness and lack of sick pay last month. Even so I don’t want to miss out on social occasions and found myself at Sally’s straight after work one evening for drinks. Too poor to get drunk I literally had two drinks, sober we decided to stage drunken photo’s…well I was fairly sober anyway I can’t speak for the others. Had so much fun making it look like the four of us were at some drunken wild party when really it was more like  mid-week bored shenanigans.

Work is  busy and travel is tiring. We play these silly briefing games each morning before work – one such game involved us going around the circle and taking turns making dinosaur no