Whether it be late night fireside chats, nightcaps by the fireplace, or beach side bonfires in the middle of summer. There's just something so inherently nostalgic about the scent of fire and burning wood smoke. In a world full of distractions, the sight, sound and scent of a campfire makes for a wonderfully mindful experience away from the hustle and bustle of our busy lives. And now you can have your very own fireside experience no matter where you are. We've recreated the fireside experience with a blend or birch, pine, cedar and wood smoke. All you have to do is light it up and let your mind wander to simpler times.

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$1 from every candle sale goes to Foodbank Australia who provide meals for the most vulnerable members of our community.


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    170ml portable campfire wonderfulness soaked up in pure soy wax!

    35 - 40 hours burn time

    Lead and zinc free cotton wick with paper core

    Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils

    Vegan friendly