Following on from the success of 'Rain on hot cement' which was an urban take on the mystical scent of Petrichor, we felt compelled to release another petrichor themed scent. There are many different types of petrichor, and this one is the smell of fresh rain out in nature. 


This scent is inspired by the levada trails on the beautiful island of Madeira, Portugal. The levada's are used to transport rain water from the majestic mountains to the agricultural regions including sugar cane fields, banana plantations and picturesque wineries. Levada's often run parrallel to stunning hiking trails, and pass through small towns, the gentle trickle of the water lulling you to sleep at night as distant church bells toll.


Petrichor has refreshing notes of rain water, moss, sage and amber to take you to the top of a quiet tranquil mountain in Madeira, where the hiking trails disappear into the clouds.


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Petrichor (The Levada trail)


    170ml of fresh air and pure tranquility - mixed with only the finest soy wax.

    35 - 40 hours burn time

    Cotton wick with paper core

    Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils

    Vegan friendly