Browsing your favourite used bookstore, the scent of aged leather and pages stained with history fills the air. Overflowing shelves of a dimly lit store, where you can get lost for an entire afternoon perousing pre-loved classics. It's the scent of a thousand tales.


We have lovingly recreated this scene with a mix of leather, amber, patchouli, elemi, oudh and cedar to take you there, masculine, woody, distinctive and intoxicating - that's used bookstore!


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$1 from every candle sale goes to Foodbank Australia who provide meals for the most vulnerable members of our community.


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Used Bookstore


    170ml of dimly lit nooks and long lazy afternoons blended with pure soy wax.

    35 - 40 hours burn time

    Cotton wick with paper core

    Phthalate-free fragrance and essential oils

    Vegan friendly